Rent Kayak

If you have previous experience with kayaking you can rent a kayak and paddle on your own. Included in the price when you rent kayak are paddle, life jacket, cockpit cover, sponge and map.

You can rent kayaks between July 1 and August 31. For any other time period please contact:

Prices in SEK for renting a kayak

One-man kayak (K1)
Half-day 1 day 24 hours Weekend Extra day 1 week
270 320 370 570 170 1,370
Two-man kayak (K2)
Half-day 1 day 24 hours Weekend Extra day 1 week
400 480 540 850 250 2,000

- Half day: 09-13 or 13 -17
- 1 day: 09-17
- 24 hours means you can have your kayak between 09-09 or 17-17
- Weekend means Friday 17 to Sunday 17
- Week means 7 days

Rental terms:

  • Minimum age for rent of kayak is 18 years.
  • To rent a kayak you must be able to show identification.
  • Kayak experience is mandatory for at least one in the group.
  • Everybody in the group needs to be able to swim.
  • Lifejacket is mandatory for everyone.
  • All kayaking is undertaken at your own risk.
  • Planed route and name of all participants need to be handed in to Kayak Adventures before take off.
  • The kayaks should be returned cleaned both inside and outside.
  • Any damage to the kayaks or lost equipment shall be reported at the return and needs to be compensated.
  • Check with your insurance company that your insurance is valid when you hire a kayak.